Anik dairy products -Ghee/buttermilk/flavored milk & more.
Anik full cream milk


Pure, fresh, and filled with goodness, Anik Milk is a perfect combination of great taste and fine quality. Our strict hygienic quality standards ensure you receive farm-fresh milk that’s rich in protein, fortified vitamins, and calcium. So that you stay fit and active every day, every hour.

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Making curd that’s just right takes great care and precision. That’s why Anik Curd is always thick and tastes delicious. It’s made from the highest quality milk under stringent quality standards and serves as a great source of protein and calcium which makes it super beneficial for your health.

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Anik dahi
Anik buttermilk

Butter milk

Anik Buttermilk is an ideal coolant made from curd and spices. Not only is this delicious drink refreshing but it also completes every meal, making its way into every Indian household. Anik Buttermilk makes an excellent digestive aid, controls your acidity level, and makes it great for health.

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A rich source of vitamin A, Ghee plays a vital role in the healthy growth of body, bone metabolism and strengthening the immune system. Which is why, Anik Ghee is made from cream that’s sourced from the freshest milk, and is produced under stringent hygienic standards. It’s not only rich in taste but also has a smooth texture and the aroma of pure ghee.

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Anik ghee
Anik Badam Flavoured Milk 200ml Product

Flavoured Milk

A refreshment for your mind, body, and soul. Available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Badam, and Pista flavour, Anik Flavoured Milk contains superior ingredients and fresh-farm milk. The high-quality toned milk gives it a smooth texture and the added flavours, a perfect aroma.

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Milk Powder

Anik Milk Powder is a protein rich dairy product and the right dairy ingredient for preparing instant tea, coffee and your favourite sweet dish where the powder blends in your sweet properly giving you an appetizing taste of it.

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Anik milk powder